The Janiko Group is comprised of individuals with over 50 years of business experience across an operational consulting company that specializes in Project Consulting Services.

The Janiko Group exists so your business can expand.  When you hire Us you are getting a complete team. This gives you the ability to take on more projects, and get more clients.  

The Janiko Group will support or solve issues that your project may be facing.

  • Budget Creep |  The Janiko Group can keep you on budget by setting the scope, schedule and budget accurately from the start
  • Business Development | The Janiko Group provides the project support you need to gain a competitive advantage and boost your bottom line  
  • Business Analysis | The Janiko Group assessment process and proven managerial experience will help you prioritize your business’ resources, improve productivity, quality of work and ensure their efficient use
  • Project Communication  | The Janiko Group will orchestrate and  streamline a  communication channel that will  keep staff, vendors, and clients connected through the scope of a project  
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction | The Janiko Group’s processes and procedures are designed to mitigate risks of a project failing and satisfy the various needs of the project’s stakeholders

The bottom line is by hiring the Janiko Group you can stress test your business. You can determine if you can make an investment in more full-time employees, or have a short term solution; either way, The Janiko Group is always by your side.