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Top 4 Reasons To Outsource Vendor Management

Top 4 Reasons To Outsource Vendor Management

Doing business normally requires working with vendors. It is generally not a big deal until your company takes on a big project. Then you discover that lining up and working with vendors to achieve project success isn’t as easy as expected. That’s why organizations like ours offer vendor management as a service.

Vendors are as important to your project as anything else. Unfortunately, they require an inordinate amount of attention. Our vendor management service relieves clients of the many responsibilities of dealing with all things vendor related. Eliminating those responsibilities alone can change the dynamic of any project.

Not convinced? Here are the top four reasons to outsource vendor management to the Janiko Group:

1. We Make All the Arrangements

The first step in lining up vendors is putting out the job and asking for quotes. We handle that. Moreover, we solicit quotes with all the details necessary to make a prudent decision: pricing, vendor capabilities, quality, and scheduling. Your only task is to make the final decision after we have done all the heavy lifting.

Anyone who has been tasked with soliciting vendor bids at the start of a new project knows how time consuming and frustrating the process can be. We eliminate the frustration and give you back your time. Through our vendor management service, we make all the arrangements. It is no more complicated than that.

2. We Assist with Contract Negotiations

Choosing vendors from all the submitted bids is just the start. Now you have to negotiate contracts. If there’s anything more frustrating than soliciting bids, it’s these negotiations. You want the absolute best for your company. Your vendors want the same for theirs. Can you all win?

Our many years of experience in outsourced project management gives us a leg up on contract negotiations. We’ve been there and done that. Our ability to assist with contract negotiations is key to companies who are still new to the whole vendor dynamic. And even among seasoned companies with plenty of experience, our assistance takes the pressure off.

3. We Manage Vendor Relationships

Next, we stay involved long after contracts have been signed. How so? By handling relationship management. Simply put, we position ourselves as a buffer between your company and your vendors to ensure that your relationships remain on good ground. Where necessary, we nurture those relationships to benefit your project.

Understand that relationship management is critical when it comes to making sure vendors live up to their contract responsibilities. It only takes one sour relationship to throw a project completely off track. If nothing else, our vendor management service ensures that the relationships with your vendors remain positive and productive.

4. We Handle Performance Evaluations

Last but not least, what would a vendor management service be without competent performance evaluations? Not very much, that’s for sure. You can rest easy knowing that performance evaluations are an integral part of our vendor management service. You want to know how your vendors performed from start to finish. So do we.

Performance evaluations go a long way toward understanding the successes and failures of a given project. They help create a bank of vendors you can turn to for future projects. Performance evaluations can even let your company know where improvements are needed. They are a valuable tool that should never be ignored.

Working with vendors is part of doing business. However, it doesn’t have to drag your company down or distract from your core products and services. Outsource vendor management to us and you can free your staff from all the hassles that go with it.