Project Coordination as a Service

Do Not Let a Lack of Coordination Overwhelm Your Project

Your organization is getting ready to embark on a new project. Maybe you are developing a new piece of software. Perhaps a recent acquisition is forcing you to move into a bigger facility. Regardless of the project, it has to be properly coordinated. Otherwise, it could be overwhelmed by its own details.

Understand that project coordination and project management are two separate disciplines. Project managers and project coordinators work side-by-side throughout every phase, but they do separate things. They have separate goals measured by different standards.

We offer Project Coordination as a Service (PCaaS) to clients in a variety of industries. We encourage you to consider PCaaS if your organization’s projects are normally managed and coordinated by the same person.

Coordinators Are Administrators

The differences between project managers and project coordinators are no more than the differences between management and administration. Project managers decide what has to be done; project coordinators go and get it done. It’s really no more complicated than that. Yet often times, project managers get into trouble by spending too much time on administration and not enough on management. They either don’t have a project coordinator, or they aren’t letting the project coordinator do their job.

Typical project coordinator’s responsibilities include things like maintain project documentation and project scheduling. The job’s nature as an administrative function requires an unwavering attention to detail. So when a project manager takes on project coordination, details have a habit of overwhelming the project.

The Right Person for the Job

How do you prevent a project from being overwhelmed by a lack of coordination? The first step is to choose the right person for the job. A top-notch project coordinator should possess the following skills, at minimum:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skills
  • Technology skills
  • People management skills.

Note that some projects require specialized skills. The person who successfully coordinated that last software project may not be the right person to coordinate the move to a new facility. It really depends on the given project’s scope.

It is also important that the project coordinator and project manager work well together. Even if they don’t agree completely on everything, they need to be able to find common ground on which to move forward. Ultimately, the project manager is in control. But they rely heavily on the project coordinator to get things done. If the two cannot work together, problems are inevitable.

Turning to PCaaS

Not having the right person for the coordinator position can doom a project to failure. What do you do if you don’t have that person on staff? You have three options: let your project manager assume coordination responsibilities, add a coordinator to your staff, or turn to PCaaS.

Our project coordination team consists of skilled professionals with experience in all types of projects. Every one of them has the necessary qualities and skills to handle just about any administrative task. A Janiko Group coordinator can come alongside your project manager to handle all the administrative details.

Janiko Group PCaaS is an on-demand service. When you work with us, you get the services you need only when you need them. There are no worries of paying for staff coordinators when you don’t have projects requiring their attention. Our coordination team is always ready to hit the ground running. And when your project is done, they move onto the next one.

Any project can be easily overwhelmed by a lack of coordination. Don’t let that happen to your organization. Either have staff coordinators in place or let our coordination team take on the responsibility.